Company Director is new President of Hyndburn’s Chamber of Trade

Hyndburn Chamber of Trade welcomes its new President : Brendan Duffy, Company Director of Acorns of Lancashire.


Firstly, I would like to thank my friend and colleague Shahed Mahmood for all the hard work he has done over the last year and I wish him a full and speedy recovery .



As the newly elected President my goal will be in line with the current constitution which will be to invigorate the Chamber of Trade to promote commerce and trade within the Borough of Hyndburn.  My main focus will be on improving communications with the Chamber and local businesses. Increase membership and attendance within the Chamber itself and to seek out how the Chamber can help local businesses and commerce. Ideally in improving commerce and meeting education, training and recruitment needs. Plus, to promote the Borough of Hyndburn to its wider audience.


How ? Better B2B relations. Improved networking of businesses. Co-ordinated projects with local businesses. Increased use of digital media to market and promote the Chamber and local businesses. Improved links with Colleges, Education Centres and affiliated organisations to provide training, education and a source of bright young individuals who can soak up and absorb the knowledge to begin either their careers or apprenticeships.


Throughout my whole career of 30yrs in Supply Chain management at local, national and international levels, I have always strived to make a difference with a continuous improvement philosophy, which is why I am thankful and appreciative of those who voted for me and who also believe that I can make a difference.


We would also like to welcome Paul Brown from Eafield & Maple as the new Vice President, and elected Committee members: Kath Gregson, Shirley Howard, John Berry, Anne Ireland, Gayle Knight, Tracey Simmonds, Craig Buck and Gary Brown. Plus, Julie O’Hara remains as Treasurer and Maddie Knight remains as Secretary.

Brendan Duffy BA (Hons)

Company Director

Acorns of Lancashire